Bioprocess Engineer

About this role

You’ll lead optimisation and scale-up of our innovative bioproduction process utilising seawater and seaweed.

Specifically, you’ll help to deliver our sustainable PHA polymer at a competitive production cost, working with our hydrolysis and fermentation teams, from growth media preparation and bioreactor operation, to extraction of PHAs, using a uniquely clean process.

In addition, you’ll be responsible for growing & managing an extraordinary team of scientists & engineers to achieve these things.

You will become a critical part of ULUU’s founding team and future. 

Your work is important to bringing ULUU to market; sustainably, creatively & cost-effectively.

About You

You are an R&D leader and team player with experience in, and a passion for, using biotechnology to develop products that are good for people & planet.

Your experience spans seaweed biochemistry, industrial fermentation, synthetic biology, biopolymer production, extraction, purification, characterisation, and processing.

Ideally, you have led PHA production projects from development to piloting and industrial scale up. You are familiar with saltwater fermentation and clean PHA extraction processes, and have good knowledge of continuous production processes, and fermentation using a variety of sugars. As a big plus, you’re excited by the incredible commercial, environmental and social benefits seaweed offers for biotechnology and the world!

You are tenacious and tackle problems hands-on, arriving at solutions to complex problems through scientific knowledge and leveraging the expertise of your team and others. You are detail oriented, enjoy strategic thinking, as well as execution and troubleshooting alongside your team.

You are self-motivated, resourceful, resilient, adaptive, and comfortable with fast-paced work in a constantly changing environment. You have exemplary scientific and personal integrity.

Your role at ULUU will be highly varied, with clear communication critical to your success. And, as ULUU is a young, exciting, start-up, you don’t mind pitching in other areas of the business when required.


· Lead PHA bioprocess development and scale-up

· Deliver a sustainable, low-cost PHA polymer in collaboration with ULUU’s biorefinery, fermentation & biomaterials teams

· Manage and drive experimentation processes, leveraging best in class research, and reporting outcomes effectively & transparently

· Build a team of world-class seaweed hydrolysis & PHA fermentation scientists

· Work with leadership to refine strategy and priorities and allocate research-related resources

· Collaborate with leading academic and industry partners

· Assist with field, lab and office work when needed


· PhD in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Process/ Chemical Engineering or equivalent, or BSc/MSc with equivalent commercial experience

· Familiar with saltwater fermentation and clean PHA extraction processes

· Good knowledge of continuous fermentation processes

· Industry and scale-up experience ideal

· Excellent data management practices

Job Type: Full-time

Job Location: Perth, Western Australia

Job Salary:  A$90k pa + an attractive equity package


At ULUU, we’re looking for people with enthusiasm, grit, and integrity, and who have a calling to do something incredible for the world. You’re encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description. We’re expecting your skills and passion to stand out—and set you apart—especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns.  

Please join us on our mission to revive the world with ULUU! 

Please apply by sending a cover letter and your resume to with ‘Bioprocess Engineer – your name and surname’ as your email title.