A regenerative Ocean Material

Reviving our World

Replacing plastic, fighting climate change and improving our health

ULUU is an Ocean Material to mitigate plastic pollution at scale, while also regenerating our oceans and climate. We produce a versatile range of natural polymers, PHAs (polyhydroxalkanoates), with the potential to replace all kinds of plastics, combined with a clean production process using ocean resources – seaweed, seawater and saltwater microbes.

From the ocean, for the ocean…

ULUU’s a safe, natural polymer – a type of PHA that’s durable yet truly biodegradable, even in cold, dark conditions such as the ocean (in several months in those conditions, so please dispose wisely).

It’s produced via fermentation – like brewing beer – using saltwater microbes, which reduces fresh water reliance (we use seawater instead!) as well as the need for costly & harmful chemicals and the energy-intensive, slow equipment sterilisation processes others perform.

In contrast, ULUU’s seawater process unlocks “open and continuous fermentation”, whereby downtime for sterilisation is not required, providing the potential for major yield & cost improvements, while reducing associated GHG emissions.

A healthier future

Seaweed – a remarkable feedstock

We utilise farmed seaweed rather than terrestial crops or waste as a carbon source to produce ULUU.

Doing so not only provides economic advantages but, more importantly, the unique potential to scale enough carbon to decouple our polymer economy from fossil fuels.

Further positive externalities include:

  1. Uptake of significant carbon pollution from the atmosphere;
  2. Ocean re-oxygenation, de-acidification and marine habitat provision;
  3. Eutrophication remediation and reduction of harmful bloom events, caused by industrial runoff; and
  4. Opportunities to improve the lives of vulnerable people in the seaweed supply chain (often female farmers) living below the poverty line and in remote coastal communities.

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At ULUU, we’re looking for enthusiastic people who want to be challenged, with a calling to do something incredible for the world.