Naturally plastic, from the ocean

From the ocean, for the planet.

Uluu is replacing plastic with materials that are good for the world.

Tackle plastic pollution

Our materials decouple the $600B+ polymers market from fossil fuels & persistent pollution.

Mitigate climate change

Our production process offsets more carbon than is emitted.

Restore ocean health

We make our materials with seaweed, a marine crop that removes pollutants from oceans.

Like plastic, produced naturally.

Uluu materials are produced by saltwater microbes fed with seaweed.

1. Farm seaweed

We make our materials with farmed seaweed, a crop whose production can be sustainably scaled to entirely replace the fossil fuels we use to make 400 million tons of plastic every year.

2. Ferment PHAs

Our fermenters are filled with saltwater microbes capable of turning seaweed ingredients into our materials: polyhydroxyalkanoates; or PHAs for short.

PHAs can replace many (if not all) plastics, while remaining reuseable, recyclable and most importantly, biodegradable (even if lost at sea!)

3. Make pellets

We melt our PHAs into pellets that can be extruded into any plastic form, including films, rigids, coatings and fibres.

They are used to produce a myriad of everyday items like packaging, furniture, car parts and clothing.

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