Reviving our world

What we do

ULUU is an ocean material that replaces plastic and actively benefits the world

From our unique seawater process, ULUU’s produced the world’s first carbon negative and home compostable polymer

A groundbreaking process

Carbon negative

ULUU fights global warming because its production process offsets more carbon than is emitted


ULUU’s home compostable and will even biodegrade if lost at sea

Safe & versatile

A safe, natural material produced from microbial fermentation which can be tweaked to mimic all kinds of plastics

Untapped potential

ULUU is made from an amazing, renewable resource, farmed seaweed!

Our first mission is to eliminate plastic in the outdoors industry


A world-class team of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs

We’re driven to solve some of the
world’s greatest challenges – are you?

Supported by

ULUU is supported by a number of fantastic investors and partners 

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Alberts Impact Capital
The Eights
University of Western Australia
Coors Chambers Westgarth
Insight Design & Communications