The world's first truly compelling alternative to plastic.

Uluu superpowers

Scalable, economic, regenerative

Natural: biodegradable & biocompatible

Plastic-like: lightweight, excellent barrier properties, durable & recyclable

Climate positive: decreases organisations’ plastic & carbon footprints

Made with a renewable feedstock: farmed seaweed

Plug and play with existing plastic manufacturing equipment

Tunable properties

Rigid Products

Our injection moulding-grade pellets can be used to produce rigid products such as packaging, consumer electronics, furniture and car interiors. Their properties can be fine-tuned for customers, and they’re easily integrated into existing manufacturing infrastructure. Ready for customer trials.


Our fibre-grade pellets are in development and showing great potential for yarn production via melt spinning. This will provide a ground-breaking alternative to polyester textiles. Think performance fabric, without the microplastics.

future developments

In addition to rigid products and fabrics, Uluu’s materials can also be used to produce films, foams, coatings, 3D printing filaments and much more. We’re open to explore development in these areas with the right partners.

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Vegan protein

After producing Uluu materials, we’re left with a seaweed biomass with higher protein content and greater digestibility. We’ve partnered to use this vegan by-product as an alternative to fishmeal in aquaculture feed. We’re open to explore developments in other areas such as soil treatment, pet food and protein for human consumption.