An idea more than a decade in the making

As an ecologist researching sea turtles in her native Brazil, Uluu co-founder Dr Julia Reisser saw that they were eating more plastic than anything else. She was driven to do a PhD in ocean plastics and was one of the earliest members of The Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch not-for-profit developing technology to remove plastic from the seas. Julia later studied plastic recycling.

But as time went on, she felt she was tackling the symptoms, not the source of the plastic pollution problem.

Julia looked at the market and saw that—unlike renewable energy—there were no persuasive alternatives to plastics made from fossil fuels. And the idea for Uluu was born.

In 2020, Julia teamed up with co-founder Michael Kingsbury, a former business executive and M&A lawyer. Together they turned the blueprint into a business they were confident would work and they could dedicate their lives to.

“When I started to study plastic pollution, I realised that it was much broader than just turtles or even oceans. It’s a problem that’s affecting the environment, our economy and human health.”

Dr Julia Reisser

Our team

Bhima Aries-Diyanto
SeaSae CEO
Dr Chris Buhlmann
R&D engineer
Christine Sumner
Finance lead
Chris Phillips
Dr David Chuka-Ogwude
Production lead
Dr Jesús Rodríguez
Bioprocess engineer
Dr Julia Reisser
Co-founder & co-CEO
Dr Luke Richards
Lead scientist
Marta Sánchez Alarcón
Michael Kingsbury
Co-founder & co-CEO
Michelle Wheeler
Communications & sustainability lead
Reza Beigi
Polymer engineer
Vatsal Meshram
Research assistant


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Dr Julia Reisser
Executive director
Michael Kingsbury
Executive director
Phil Morle
Non-executive director
Our investors