Dr Sheik Md Moniruzzaman


Sheik is enthusiastic about the development of edible and biodegradable films from natural polymers derived from marine resources (such that seaweed) and the by-products of the fish processing industry. Characterisation of extracted polymers, fabrication of composites films and alteration of their physicochemical properties are among his specialities. Sheik holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries, a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Bangladesh Agricultural University and a PhD in Applied Marine Biosciences from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. His doctoral research focused on the preparation of collagen-based biodegradable film from fish scales added with phenolic compounds. As a visiting scholar at the Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development at Flinders University in South Australia, he researched the potential of vegan food packaging materials utilising seaweed polysaccharides and plant-based proteins.

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