ULUU in The Australian’s The List: Top 100 Innovators

Ben Courtney
August 30 2021

We are excited to share that ULUU has been featured in The Australian’s The List: Top 100 Innovators – a list to highlight unique Australian start-ups that show ingenuity, are forward-looking, and have the potential to establish the country as an ‘innovation nation’.

We are in great company, with Canva, co-founded by Cameron Adams who is an investor in ULUU, also featured.

Over the course of three to four months David Swan, technology editor at The Australian, and Victoria Baker, editor of Vogue Codes, researched and curated the list using key criteria of uniqueness and innovation to determine which start-ups they thought people would want to know about. To make the selection more definitive, it was reviewed and finalised by an advisory panel of ten high-profile business leaders and CEOs.

The list is in its first edition but is intended to become a staple, the go-to for people who want to learn about the most noteworthy start-ups developing in Australia.

“Described as a new biomaterial set to disrupt the plastic industry, ULUU is a favourite of Canva co-founder Cameron Adams, who is an investor.

‘They’re focusing on bioplastics made from seaweed’, Adams says. ‘It is really interesting, because it’s a lot more sustainable, it uses a natural resource, and obviously doesn’t use fossil fuels that current plastic uses.’

The company fights global warming by sequestering carbon, and its product is biodegradable, meaning it won’t harm our environment – or the creatures living in it.”

The Australian’s The List: Top 100 Innovators

We are very happy and thankful to be a part of it. Keep an eye out for ULUU in the next editions!

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The ULUU Team at Watermans Bay.