ULUU founders featured in Company Director Magazine

Jess Thomson
April 5 2022

Oceanographer Dr Julia Reisser and lawyer Michael Kingsbury combined forces to found ULUU; a regenerative material produced from seaweed, created to eradicate global plastic pollution. The pair recently sat down with journalist Jessica Mudditt of Company Director Magazine to explain how the West Australian startup came to be.


“I’ve always loved emerging technologies and investments,” Michael explains. “Julia is also very action-orientated, whereas I’m probably more considered. We come at things from different perspectives, but we always kind of align: it’s a good, balanced approach to decision-making.”


In 2019, Reisser and Kingsbury brought together their diverse, yet complimentary, skill-sets to found ULUU. In 2021, the team had great success in initial manufacturing trials, which saw the production of their first versatile film and rigid prototypes.


So what does the future hold for ULUU in 2022 and beyond?


“ULUU’s timing is right,” says Julia. “We are at a moment in history where people want to see change. Impact investing is where the world wants to go. Investors are listening, politicians are listening and business leaders are listening.”


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ABOVE: Company Director Magazine featuring ULUU co-founders Michael Kingsbury and Dr Julia Reisser.